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The Lake Champlain Monster (Champ), like Nessie, starts with a story that took place hundreds of years ago. In July of 1609 Samuel de Champlain, the namesake of Lake Champlain, wrote that he saw a serpent like creature about 20 feet long in the lake. He described it as having a horse like head and as thick as a barrel. He said that the Indians called this animal a chaousarou. Many experts today believe that all he saw was a sturgeon though.
Nothing more was reported about a monster in the lake until the early 1800's when settlers began moving into the area. From that time, to the present, many sightings have occurred. There seems, however, to be a lack of photographic evidence. Champ, like Nessie, is believed by many to be either a plesiosaur, or a zeuglodon. Both thought to be extinct.

My Thoughts:

I think that there is definitely some large animal in Lake Champlain. The lack of pictures however make it hard to say what it might be. The lake does fit the description of a classic location for a lake monster though. (deep, cold, and located in the northern temperate zone)

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