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The name Chupacabra means goat-sucker. Which is supposedly just what it does. Its victims (usually goats, or other animals of the same size) are found completely drained of blood, with small puncture marks on their body. Some of the many theories about the what the chupacabra might be are: An udiscovered animal(actual cryptid), an alien, the pet of an alien left on earth by mistake, mistaken identity, or hoaxes, a cloning experiment, some government project which they are always trying to cover up, or a theory by Clyde Lewis is that they are an animal thought to be extinct. Namely, the Thrinaxodon or a relative of it.

The average chupacabra is around 3 feet tall, and about the size of a goat. It walks on its hind legs and has 2 smaller forearms with claws. The chupacabra also has large fangs, spikes or spines coming out of its back, large red eyes, and a tail. It is sometimes reported to be hopping. Its skin is said to be grayish or "dinosaur" like.

String of mutilated cattle drained of blood occurs in Texas.

March 11 1995-
Eight sheep found dead in Orocovis. The animals had three strange puncture holes in the chest and were completely drained of blood.

August 1995-
Chupacabra blamed for the death of about 150 animals in Puerto Rico.

Nov 19 1995-
The chupas is blamed in the deaths of dozens of turkeys, rabbits, goats, cats, dogs and even horses and cows in Puerto Rico.
Said to have ripped open the bedroom window of a house in the north-central city of Caguas, destroyed a stuffed teddy bear, and left a puddle of slime and a piece of rancid white meat on the windowsill. It had hairy arms and huge red eyes. In another attack it came at about 7 a.m. "It just showed up and -- poof -- it vanished."

Dec 14-
Naguabo on the east coast Several caged rabbits were "found dead with holes in the neck area, without a drop of blood." Other rabbits had disappeared. Near rabbit cage was a track with a three-toed claw.

Dec 15 1995-
In Puerto Rico in one year the chupacabra is thought responsible for at least 1OOO killings- goats, sheep, cattle, chickens and other animals. There are many eye witness accounts.

Dec 26 1995-
Eleven goats found dead in Puerto Rico.

March 1996-
About 40 animals killed in the rural Miami area. One woman saw a dog-like figure standing up, with two short hands in the air.

May 1996-
Attacks are becoming more distributed in Mexico and Miami . Wounds resemble 1/4" holes similar to a biopsy puncture that extend completely through muscle tissue and in at least one instance the wounds were discovered pronouncedly through the inner tissue without leaving any wound traces on the surface layer skin.

May 3 1996-
A giant bat-like creature terrorizes a village in Northern Mexico.Dozens goats are found with their blood sucked dry. It has allegedly attacked one human.

May 3 1996-
In the Mexican State of Sonora numerous animals drained of blood and a vague report of a human suffering the same fate.

May 9 1996 2 a.m.-
Espinoza Family - a front door was opened and a creature was seen 3 to 4 foot high with scaly skin, clawed hands, red eyes, and a row of spines from the skullcap and down the back. The creature "mumbled and gestured".

May 10 1996-
Reports of a chupacabra among Hispanics in Florida .

May 12 1996-
28 dead rams found with puncture marks in Mexico's southern state of Chiapas

August 30, 2000-
Strange animal killed in Nicaragua. Thought to be chupacabra. Skeleton brought to Department of Biology of the UNAN (National University of Nicaragua) at Leon. University claims it is a dog. Locals scepticle though.

I believe that the chupacabra is a mixture of both mistaken identity, and some, as yet, undiscovered animal. I think that there is an animal out there that people are seeing, and it has not been formally "discovered. And, also they are seeing other animals but are thinking chupacabra and reading too much into the sighting.

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