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Lake Okanagan is supposedly home to a lake monster much different than the Loch Ness Monster and Champ. Unlike other Lake Monsters thought to be plesiosaurs or zeuglodons, Ogopogo is thought to be more reptilian and snake like. (although some do think Ogopogo is a form of whale thought extinct). The Indians called the animal Naitaka, and had many legends about it. There is a lack of good sightings regarding Ogopogo too. Most sightings involve churning water, or other disturbances, not an actual animal.
The description of Ogopogo is that it has one to five humps or coils coming out of the water, and has a pair of flippers or fins in the front. They are often described as "log like". There are reports of similar creatures from Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnepogsis, and Lake Dauphin.

My Thoughts:

When there are so many reports of some large animal in a lake, it is hard to dismiss it, even though many people try. I do not really know much about Ogopogo. So I do not really have much of an opinion regarding it.

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