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What is cryptozoology? Cryptozoology is "the study of hidden animals". Standard cryptozoology is the study of animals that have not been formally discovered.

coelacanth bigcat But, also covered by cryptozoology, is animals that are thought to be extinct but still being found, such as the coelacanth.

And animals found where they should not be, such as the big cats found in southern England.

An animal that is studied in cryptozoology is known as a cryptid. Some of the more famous cryptids are bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster,

and chupacabras.

Bernard Heuvelmans is known as the father of cryptozoology. He originated the term "Cryptozoology" and wrote the definition of it. He also wrote a great book on the subject, On the Track of Unknown Animals. cover I highly recommend this book, along with Cryptozoology A to Z cover by Loren Coleman.

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